About us.

Our History

Our story began in 2017. Back then we were a community bringing together IT enthusiasts – some of them were IT students and others IT teachers, in order to share freely our ideas, news, tips, tricks and hacks about information technology through a one-time weekly Saturday meeting and training. Co-founded by Samy Mwamba, Deoel Mwanakahambo, Manassé Ngudia and Serge Kishiko, all students at that time.

Evolving in this way and boosted by the integration of Henrique Mukanda, a cybersecurity enthusiast, we have got some requests both from some companies to train their employees and people to lift up their skills. Over and above that, thanks to the services well rendered by the cofounders in various companies where they did their internships while they were students, the managers of these companies began to seek their help to work on other projects.

Our Goal

Today, since 2018 when we shifted to become an international outsourcing subcontracting company, we are always extending our developers army by training both IT engineers and aspiring IT engineerso

ITOT stands for Information Technology Open Talk, then we added ‘Africa’ (see our mission for more). Our logo, represented by a circle with an opened arc, means we are open! An open community to spread digital literacy out from DRC to African countries by training and providing our services.

Our Team
Samy Mwamba
Henrique Mukanda
COO Chief Operating Officer
Serge Kishiko
Yann Mulonda